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Building Hockey’s Heart


We are building a bridge between the disabled athlete, the able-bodied athlete and the educational community.

It is our goal to design, build and operate the nation’s first three sheet hockey arena intended to support both disabled and able-bodied athletes.

While ambitious, with your help, this unique effort can be achieved.

We have secured donated land and are partnering with a host of Colorado’s leading companies to make the dream a reality. The final product will be a point of pride for the entire hockey community and its success will undoubtedly change lives.

We hope you’ll agree and join the effort.

The BookletDNHF Capital Campaign Booklet

This arena will be home to:

  • Dawg Nation Hockey Foundation and its recreational hockey programs.
  • Colorado Sled Hockey and national/international sled tournaments.
  • Increased opportunities for disabled veterans.
  • Top high school hockey teams and possibly, the CHSAA tournament.
  • City of Parker and Douglas County recreational programs.
  • Health and wellness-related tenants.
Saunders ConstructionMOA ArchitectureVukota Capital ManagementCity of Parker


Colorado Sled Hockey
Dawg Nation Adult League
Stadium Rink
Rink 2
Rink 3

Full Service Restaurant
Level 1 and 2

Level 1

Full Service Pro Shop
Level 1

Health & Wellness
Level 1

rink cutaway

Tier 1

$10 million

Entire Rink Complex $10 m

tier 1

Tier 2

$5 million

Stadium Rink $5 m
Rink 2 $5 m
Rink 3 $5 m

tier 2

Tier 3

$100k – 1 million

Entrance Lobby $1 m
Ice Resurfacer $250k
Scoreboard $250k
Locker Room $100k
Sled Locker Rm $100k

tier 3

Tier 4

$25,000 – 50,000

Conference/Events Room $50k
DNHF/CASF Offices $50k
Officials Room $25k

tier 4