The Rink

Building Hockey’s Heart


We are building a bridge between the disabled athlete, the able-bodied athlete and the educational community.

It is our goal to design, build and operate the nation’s first three sheet hockey arena intended to support both disabled and able-bodied athletes.

While ambitious, with your help, this unique effort can be achieved.

We have secured donated land and are partnering with a host of Colorado’s leading companies to make the dream a reality. The final product will be a point of pride for the entire hockey community and its success will undoubtedly change lives.

We hope you’ll agree and join the effort.


This arena will be home to:

  • DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation and its recreational hockey programs
  • Sled Hockey National/International tournaments
  • Top high school hockey teams and CHSAA tournaments
  • Local recreational programs
  • Increased opportunities for disabled veterans
  • Health and wellness-related tenants
Saunders ConstructionMOA Architecture


Colorado Sled Hockey
Dawg Nation Adult League
Stadium Rink
Rink 2
Rink 3

Full Service Restaurant
Level 1 and 2

Level 1

Full Service Pro Shop
Level 1

Health & Wellness
Level 1

rink cutaway

Tier 1

$10 million

Entire Rink Complex $10 m

tier 1

Tier 2

$5 million

Stadium Rink $5 m
Rink 2 $5 m
Rink 3 $5 m

tier 2

Tier 3

$100k – 1 million

Entrance Lobby $1 m
Ice Resurfacer $250k
Scoreboard $250k
Locker Room $100k
Sled Locker Rm $100k

tier 3

Tier 4

$25,000 – 50,000

Conference/Events Room $50k
DNHF/CASF Offices $50k
Officials Room $25k

tier 4