Kieran O’Keefe

Welcome to the World

Shane and Ashley O’Keefe welcomed their beautiful son, Kieran, into the world. Kieran was born with a cleft palate and small jaw, so his tongue occuled his airway, causing trouble breathing and feeding. Kieran spent his first few weeks in the ICU at Children’s Hospital before being able to come home and was on a breathing tube the majority of that time.

A Rough Start

Kieran recently had to have another surgery at twelve weeks to remove the hardware needed to distract and correct his jaw, which resulted in another hospital stay. Kieran’s one month in the ICU resulted in a staggering $343,744.59 of which $16,000 was out of pocket. This does not include any of the follow up visits or the second surgery. As you can imagine, this has put them in a financial bind.

A Hockey Family

Shane and Ashley are faithful friends and actively involved in the hockey community. Shane still plays at the adult league and coaches the older boys, Kolton and Kaiden. This family has a generational connection to giving back to the game of hockey, with Ashley’s dad, Doug Smail, coaching the U18 Rough Riders. Doug Smail is a Canadian former professional ice hockey left winger who played in the National Hockey League for 13 seasons. So hockey runs deep in this family.

They Are Not Alone

Like hockey, parenting requires unwavering dedication and extreme commitment. Parenting two boys while helping Kieran through his first few months of life in and and of the hospital requires the rally of a loving community.

Little baby  Kieran with tubes and wires.

Let’s work together to make sure this young family overcomes these obstacles with OUR help.

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