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Giving Back to Chris Stockert

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A lifetime hockey player…

It was a spectacular day at Family Sports as the Arapahoe Hockey community allowed us to be part of an emotional tribute to Chris Stockert. Chris was a long time Arapahoe Hockey coach, teammate, friend, devoted husband and father. Chris’ life was cut short on April 5th leaving behind his loving wife Annette and two sons, Tillman and Easton.

Today we were blessed to be part of an incredible display of support as we were able to hand the Stockert family a check for over $20,000!! There were countless displays of love and respect for Chris and his family as unselfish acts of kindness were in abundance as this wonderful man was remembered.

2 thoughts on “Giving Back to Chris Stockert”

  1. Christian “The Crusher” Leon and family are blessed to have known Coach Chris. He made a huge positive impact on Christian both on and off the ice. Coach Chris will be deeply missed!

    Below is one of the inspiring messages from Coach Chris when Christian was going through a difficult time at the beginning of the 2018/2019 hockey season

    “Kimmie, I hope that helped. Christian can call me anytime he would like. He is a great hockey player and should keep pursuing his dreams. I nicknamed him “The Crusher” for a reason! Tell him to keep crushing his goals. To be better than the rest, you have to do more than the rest.”

    Coach Chris continued to inspire Christian even when he wasn’t his coach! Such a great human begin!! May God continue to bless his family.

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