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Giving Back to the Pedigo Family

In Honor of Gary Pedigo Sr.

On January 3, 2021, we joined firefighters, police officers, referees, hockey players, and many others to celebrate the life of the beloved Gary Pedigo, Sr. This tremendous man touched many lives and that was very apparent as stories were shared by some of those closest to Gary. But the most emotional moments were shared by Gary Pedigo, Jr. as he talked about his father and best friend. That was followed up by a powerful flag folding ceremony that concluded with the presentation of the folded flag to Gary’s lifelong partner, Jacqueline. Please continue with your thoughts and prayers to the Pedigo family during this difficult time.

A Video Tribute

Thanks to the donors and folks who rallied out in remembrance of Gary Pedigo Sr. Hopefully this short video tribute captures some of the love and teamwork from the day!

Gary Senior will be sadly missed

Gary Pedigo 1

If you have been in any rink throughout Colorado over the past 40 years, then there is a good chance you have crossed paths with Gary Pedigo, Sr. Gary devoted the bulk of his 71 years on or around the ice whether it was officiating, coaching, playing, or cheering his sons and grandsons throughout their youth hockey adventures. Unfortunately, Gary Senior passed away suddenly on December 2nd. He is survived by his wife (Jacquie), four children, and 17 grandkids and 9 great grandchildren.

Devoted his life to helping others

Gary Senior lived an amazing life and devoted his life to helping others whether that was as a husband, father, grandfather, firefighter, veteran, or mentor for ice hockey officials. After 36 years of wearing the stripes on the ice, he was inducted into the Colorado Ice Hockey Officials Hall of Fame in 2016. He also served in the United States Army which included a tour in Vietnam, and led the Westminster, Colorado, Fire Department as Battalion Chief. His accomplishments in the officials’ ranks are too many to mention but highlights include officiating USA Hockey National tournaments, Supervisor, Scheduler, and District Evaluation Coordinator. To top off an unbelievable career he also worked as an NHL Off-Ice Official, Video Replay, for the Colorado Avalanche.

Giving back

Gary Senior will be sadly missed by our Colorado hockey community and by all the people he impacted and provided guidance over his lifetime on and off the ice. Donations to the Pedigo family will provide financial assistance to cover unexpected funeral costs. Furthermore, in honor of keeping Gary Senior’s legacy alive, monies will provide financial support in way of scholarships for young people getting started in officiating. Colorado hockey is in great need of officials. These scholarships will allow those interested in officiating but unable to foot the bill to get certified and buy equipment, in addition to Gary continuing to give back to something he loved.

Thank you all for your help in helping this family during this time of grieving the loss of their loved one. We lifted some of the burden through your generous donation and reminded them of the love of the community through a beautiful tribute.

5 thoughts on “Giving Back to the Pedigo Family”

  1. Gary my big brother, I am so proud to be your family electrician and to have been on the ice and next to the ice for so many years with you. To be honoured to be the one to present you to our friends in the Colorado Ice Hockey Referees Association for your induction into the Hall of Fame still is one of my best memories. Right along with arguing about who was going to give Rickybars mouth to mouth. I’ll miss you, Tom

  2. When I first started to officiate 24 years ago, Gary Pedigo was already an icon, a legend, and an amazing man – let alone a damn solid official! The first time I worked a game with him, I remember being nervous and feeling “not worthy” to wear the stripes alongside of him. But, Gary helped me develop my skills and a meaningful presence on the ice. Over the years I have been honored to keep on keepin’ on, thanks in part to Gary’s dedication, leadership, encouragement and friendship. He has always been someone I have admired and respected. Rest in Peace dear friend. May your loved ones always know that you made a big difference in life to untold numbers of people. Joe Burns.

  3. Such a great man!
    Is there someone from *Dawg Nation* that would like to say a few kind words on Channel 2/Fox31?


  4. Gary would ref AA and AAA hockey back in the day. He was the first truly engaged and professional referee I witnessed as a player. He set the bar so high that I’ve been largely disappointed in officials throughout North America since Bantam… I’m not even really exaggerating. To this day I have memories of him explaining to me, as a kid, how he wanted the game to be played. Explaining to me how he as an official saw a play unfold. Even the limited contact we had years ago made a significant impression on me. He’ll be sorely missed.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss Jackie. I never had the privilege of meeting your husband, he sounds like a wonderful man. You are in my thoughts as you move forward. It brings me some peace seeing all the family you have supporting you.
    Kristie (from the westminster rec., yoga class)

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