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Giving Back to the Family of Leland Fay

A Wonderful Day of Golf and Raising Funds

Dawg Nation had the pleasure of supporting the Leland Fay Memorial Golf Tournament. Anyone there could be a witness to how much Leland meant to his family, friends, and community. Max Wright and team provided incredible local leadership and rallied the Colorado Springs community to help Leland’s widow, Sarah Fay and their boys. Together we were able to raise $42,000! More importantly the community was able to remind the Fay family that they are loved and cared for! Special thanks to former Av Brett Clark and NHL Hall of Famer Michel Goulet for their help in rallying around the Fay family!

An Eight Year Battle

Leland Fay passed away on Memorial Day after an eight year battle with brain tumors. Leland was originally diagnosed with 98 brain tumors and additional tumors in his stomach, lungs, liver, neck and head. He was told he had six months to live and fought for eight years to watch his boys grow. He holds the record for the most brain tumors, a record no one wants to hold. He fought courageously and with a sense of humor.

Extensive Medical Bills

Connor (15) and Derek (12) play travel hockey at Colorado Rampage in Monument. In February, Connor broke his tibia and fibula at a hockey tournament in Minnesota. He had surgery to repair his leg and has been working hard so he can get back on the ice. Sarah works in real estate. The Fay’s medical expenses for the last eight years for Leland and then Connor’s leg this year have been extensive. They are an amazing and selfless family who have helped so many others. Now is the time to help this family in their time of need.

Leland Fay and Family
Leland and his family at Avs game.

Let’s rally to make sure this family gets through this with OUR help.

Or mail check to:

Dawg Nation Hockey Foundation
PO Box 182
Indian Hills, CO 80454

The Leland Fay Memorial Golf Tournament was held at
The Club at Flying Horse

7 thoughts on “Giving Back to the Family of Leland Fay”

  1. Thank you for your contribution Chuck McKenzie!
    Note form Chuck:
    I worked with Leland closely. I learned so much from him, and will always remember his incredibly positive attitude in the midst of all he was facing. He had a tremendous impact on my life, and helped me grow as a believer of God, a leader, and as a man. We are praying for your family in this difficult time.

  2. Thank you for your contribution Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance!
    Note from contributor:
    This gift is from the staff of Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance in honor of the life of Leland Fay

  3. Thank you for your contribution Miranda Piepenburg!
    Note from Miranda:
    Sending prayers for strength and comfort!

  4. Thank you for your contribution Max Wright!
    Note from Max:
    RIP Leland Fay. Your legacy will live through Connor and Derek. God Bless the Fay Family.

  5. Thank you for the donation Michael Rogers!

    Note from Michael:
    Our prayers are with you all! We enjoyed getting to know Leland and all of you this past hockey season. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you all. Cory, Dena, Carson, Spencer & Logan Rogers

  6. Thank you for your contribution Peter Boodell!
    Note from Peter:
    I’m a high school friend of Leland, and remember him with fondness and gratitude for his friendship during those years.

  7. Mike,
    I ran the “Fay Family Friends” on Facebook ( for Leland, Sarah and the boys – we started fundraisers for them in 2012. That page is still up – I wasn’t aware of the upcoming Golf Tournament – I ran one for them several years ago. I have a pretty extensive golf distribution circle, if you’ll send me the information, I’ll not only post it on the web page, but will also send it out to the golf group associated with Lockheed Martin, where Leland and I both worked together.
    I checked the link above and other than the date, I didn’t see any additional information.
    Thanks, — P.J. Evans

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