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Giving Back to the Dietz Family

You Will Never Walk Alone

Chris Dietz’s family, friends and teammates came together Saturday, April 10th, 2021 to honor their fallen friend and teammate. An amazing display of love and community in action! Luke Jones kicked off the evening with a moving rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone, followed by the National Athem.

Time to Win One for Dietz

Sometimes in the midst of grief, it always seems to be the joy and innocence of a child that brings us back to hope and life again! With Cappy’s help, Chris Dietz’s granddaughter was able to drop the puck in honor of her grandpa! Hard to find a cuter and more inspiring way to start a hockey game. After gathering their team together to honor the fallen teammate and friend, a soul stirring song, a check presentation, and the national anthem…it was time to win one for Dietz! Luckily the Landsharks did just that! The Landsharks pulled out the victory to honor their fallen teammate. Congrats!

Dropping the puck for Grandpa!

An Honor to Help

We were aiming to support the family financially and show them that they are loved and supported,and they will never walk alone. Based on Lisa’s words, I think we met our goal. “I cannot thank the Landsharks and Dawg Nation enough. What a wonderful group of people. Thank you for showing our family so much love and support! What an amazing night 💕” – Lisa Dietz

A Fatal Car Accident

Our dear friend and Landsharks teammate Chris Dietz was driving toward his home in Thornton after work on the evening of Wednesday, February 10th when a car ran a stop sign. The T-bone impact on Chris’ driver side door killed him instantly.

Chris was a Family Man

Chris was the epitome of a family man. When he would talk of guitars, music, church, or a variety of other topics, his conversations would always turn to the topic that was of the greatest importance to him – his family.

Over the last few years his daughter Kaitlyn, her husband Sean, and his grandchildren Devi and Daxton lived with he and his wife Lisa at their home in Thornton. His daughter Annie, who has been away at college since the fall of 2020, has decided to come back home to be with her family after the loss of her father. To have the majority of his immediate family together under one roof during these difficult times is the only way he would have wanted it.

Chris is survived by his wife Lisa of 18 years, daughters Annie and Kaitlyn, son Michael, grandchildren Devi and Daxton, his mother, siblings, aunts, uncles, and in-laws. They are all shattered at the loss of such a great man.   

Heart of Gold

Chris didn’t know a stranger. He immediately became friends with all who met him.

His heart was made of gold and he spread love and light everywhere he went. He was the kindest, most generous and supportive person you would have ever met. If anyone ever needed help, he would be the first to step up. He was always willing to help family, friends and strangers, no questions asked.

We wanted to return all the love and kindness he put into the world by taking care of his family during this very difficult time while they learn to navigate life without him. The community gathered around the Dietz family and Landsharks did just that.

Right now, his wife, kids, grandchildren, mother, siblings, and other family members are our number one priority. We want to support his family the best way we can, and you all helped us do that!

Thank you for helping us meet this tragedy with generosity, love and community.

8 thoughts on “Giving Back to the Dietz Family”

  1. My precious first born. You were always very kind, generous, honest and very intelligent. Any interest you ever got into you read about it, studied it, learned about it and did it. I am so very proud of you my son.

  2. My first experience at Motherhood. I was on cloud nine as soon as I got the news. Your dad was very nervous and admitted to me that he didn’t think he knew how to be a dad, because his dad wasn’t.
    He loved and admired you more than you know. Very proud!!
    You were always there for me, my strength. I cannot even imagine my life without you. I love you beyond words! A hole is left in my heart. The emptiness will never go away. I love, love, love you!! I was so proud to be blessed with you for 53 years. I love you son❤️

  3. Dietz was an amazing person! He had the biggest heart. When I took a stick to the face he gave me a full cage for my helmet. He was always good for a laugh in the locker room or up at Benders after a game. He was a great friend, father, husband, teammate, man. He will be missed greatly.

  4. Yes for the short time I knew Chris he was a great friend and all around good guy I will miss him deeply 😢

  5. I’ve played hundreds of hockey games alongside Chris, and spent much other quality time with him over the last 13 years. Shouts and laughs on the bench, in the dressing room, and at the bar. Chris it’s been great knowing you and thank you for everything! Best wishes to you forever and to your dear family. <3

  6. Chris was not only a teammate, but a very near and dear friend for the last 7 years. When I first met he and a few other Landsharks before I began playing with them, Chris and I had an instant bond. I think over the course of that weekend tournament, we ran into each other at least a dozen times and always ended up talking for hours on end about his amazing family, his church, music and a multitude of others topics while watching other games. Once I became a teammate, our friendship blossomed into what people call a brother from another mother and a sister from another mister—he felt like a big brother to me because he gave strength and comfort to me like a big brother would. And the most amazing thing about Chris is that he did that for everyone who crossed his path. He was always so kind and supportive, and he helped me through a very tumultuous relationship—all while showing me my worth and place in the world through his and others eyes. I will never forget his support, his generosity, his encouragement, and his heart that was bigger than life itself. I know this world is a little darker now without his light in it. I send all the love in the world to his family, who have to learn to navigate life without him.
    You are forever in our Hearts Dietz.

  7. Chris “Dietz” was my teammate and my friend. He was everything that everyone says he was and more. I’m going to miss his humor and he singing… TO, TO, TOOoooOOO.

  8. For the past 18+ years I’ve known Chris, he’s always been a great friend, teammate, & line mate. Seeing him almost every weekend for all of those years really makes you appreciate all of time you got to spend with him. I’ll miss his silly locker room jokes, talking about guitars & music, and seeing his mysterious blue line falls, (everyone yells) “Dietz”!
    #75 will forever be in my heart, I love and miss you my friend!

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