Donate to Shelby Otto

A rare disease…

Shelby is a 10 year old girl recently diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis, an autoimmune disorder that affects 2-4 in a million children . Her condition has recently worsened to severe with the onset of persistent seizing.

She will be undergoing chemotherapy, an expensive and painful treatment that will target her white blood cells. We are asking the community for donations to help pay for her medical expenses.

Please keep Shelby in your prayers as well.

Let’s rally to make sure this young lady overcomes these obstacles with OUR help.

Dawg Nation will collect all funds donated and determine the final amount provided to the recipient. Dawg Nation cannot guarantee that the full amount of your donation will reach the recipient. That said, Dawg Nation has historically provided final amounts to recipients in excess of the total amount of funds collected.

One Comment on “Donate to Shelby Otto

  1. As one of her Coaches for Rampage, I cannot say thank you enough to you putting her story on your page. She is a strong girl who is very strong willed as well. I really appreciate dawg nation for their commitment to helping people.