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Meningitis Strikes

Two weeks ago, Sean went into the ER as he wasn’t feeling well as his head was hurting. He tested positive for Covid so they sent him home. He went in the Emergency Room three different times due to his head hurting. On Tuesday, October 5th, he was taken by ambulance and was unresponsive. They found that he had an infection on the brain and was later diagnosed with meningitis. He was sedated, intubated and is in critical condition.

Airlifted to Yale

On Wednesday he was airlifted to Yale as he needed brain surgery as the infection spread to his brain. His platelets are low so they have done two infusions with hopes they can perform the brain surgery. He has had CT scans and MRIs. While Sean does have insurance through his mother, the ER visits, the hospital stays, surgery and emergency transportation that Sean has and will have will put a huge financial burden on his mom.

A Contagious Laugh

Sean has grown up around hockey. He has a contagious laugh and need for everyone to have a good time. He is always the first one to help and lend a hand, no matter the task. All of Sean’s family lives in Colorado and his mom, dad and brother are now staying in a hotel by Yale and are continuing to pray for Sean’s healing. The Colorado Springs hockey community, both ice and inline, have been praying for Sean and his family.

Your donation will help Sean Bolduc, who DAWG Nation has selected as a grant recipient from its charitable class. Your contribution is made with the understanding that DAWG Nation has complete control and administration over the use of all donated funds in pursuit of its charitable purposes and in support of its charitable class.

10 thoughts on “Donate to Sean Bolduc”

  1. Sean- We are all praying for you. Going to donate blood- the blood banks are low & I need to do my part !!!
    The ice is ready when you are – KEEP Positive- You have an awesome team of Nurses & Docs
    Love you Cous! Cousin Eileen & Ed.

  2. sean,
    i love you and i’m thinking of you every moment of everyday. i miss you so much. your doing great love!
    keep fighting and just know i’ll talk to you soon. i love you so much

  3. Sean, you have a beautiful genuine pure heart and soul. I cannot wait to hear your laugh and see your bright blue eyes


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