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A Hockey Player His Whole Life

Jon has played hockey all of his life up through the competitive high school level. Since graduating, he has stayed a member of the hockey community in various recreation leagues. In addition he was coached by his father, Al, who is also a very long-term member of the hockey community and still skating today in the St. Louis area.

Paralyzed From the Mid-Chest Down

The injuries Jon sustained at work have left him paralyzed from the mid-chest down so his personal and financial challenges going forward for the rest of his life will be quite significant. Jon Orelt was nominated not just because he was such a long standing member of the hockey community, the severity of his injuries and their permanence. His strength and character as a person are also strong reasons for his nomination. Jon is already an incredible young man who at the very early age of 25 had already established himself in life and was working hard towards a great future. We want to ensure that he is able to stay that course despite this setback.

Let’s rally to help this fellow hockey player. We can lift some of the burden through your generous donation today.

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  1. Jonny O has always been one of my favorite teammates and friends. He will do anything for a fellow player and his tenacity is unmatched. If anyone can fight back it’s Jon, I believe in him. He’s a beast, and one of the best people you will ever get to know.

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