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Decades of Playing and Passion

Jeff Dorn has been playing hockey on and off for 44 years.  His passion for the game began as a mite and keep him going as he worked his way up to a couple of years at juniors with the Seattle Thunderbirds and then on to adult league.  Hockey has been an integral part of Jeff’s life; he has also graciously given back in the form of coaching youth hockey players.  He has mentioned to teammates over the years that he doesn’t know where he would be today without the influences that hockey has provided.

Tangled Up and Down Hard

In July during a summer league game with the Landsharks at the Ice Centre at the Promenade, Jeff got tangled up with another player and went down hard.  He removed himself from the ice, which those of us who have played with him have never seen before, and painfully made his way to the Emergency Room.  The diagnosis from this visit was a broken fibula and a torn nerve in his calf.  This injury has caused Jeff to permanently lose the ability to flex his foot greater than a half inch, resulting in Jeff no longer being able to play that game that is so important to him.

On the Road to Recovery

Jeff is a self-employed custom home interior builder and due to this injury, he was not able to walk without crutches so wasn’t able to work for several months.  Unfortunately, Jeff was not insured at the time of his injury, which created a larger financial burden.  Jeff is on the road to recovery, currently doing physical therapy every day.  He will require more surgery in the coming months to repair the damage to his nerves.  Jeff is the kind of person you want on the ice and giving back to the game.  Any assistance that can be provided would be a huge step in accomplishing this.

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