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An Early Recipient of DAWG Nation

The Karas’ lost their beloved Jeff to cancer in 2013 leaving Heather and the twins (Michael and Marina) with an uncertain future. DAWG Nation was there to provide a fiancial grant to the Karas family paired with a benefit skate at the Ice Ranch. We were also able to connect Heather with the widow of Jack Kelly and the two became incredibly close friends. Since then Heather has taken “super mom” to an entirely new level, setting an incredible example and raising two amazing young adults.

Marty Richardson, Heather Karas, and Kathie Kelly

A Rare Form of Cancer

Early in 2020, things were looking really bright for the Karas clan until Heather was dealt some difficult news. Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Heather knew it was time to once again step up. A true warrior in every sense of the word, she is literally as tough as they get. Lately, things have taken a bit of a turn for the worse, but that has only spurned on the fire and will of this determined champion.

Join Us

Please join Kathie, Cappy and all of Dawg Nation with your prayers and positive vibes for Mama Karas as she begins her journey back to health.

Please join Dawg Nation in rallying to help Heather. Through your generous donation today we can provide this champion hope through her fight.

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