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Started Hockey at 4

Drew began his hockey career at the age of 4 and has played competitively through high school and early college where he played Junior hockey in Strathroy, Onterio for the Strathroy Rockets. He finished his competitive hockey career in North Dakota before returning to Colorado to pursue his degree in Construction Management. He still plays hockey recreationally in the Men’s CEO Hockey league that was started in the late 80’s by his father and Uncle, Fred and Frank Myers, along with several others. 

A Spirit of Giving Back

Drew has continued to give back to the hockey community over the years through participating in the annual Police and Fire hockey tournament, multiple Dawg Nation tournaments, and most importantly coaching two of his sons youth hockey teams every year. 

Creating a Hockey Legacy

Every weekend Drew and his wife can be found in one of the various rinks around Colorado coaching and cheering on their 10 year old Liam, who plays for the Littleton Squirts, and their 12 year old Breckin, who is a first year PeeWee for Littleton as well. All the while they are carting around their 16 month old Christopher, who we are certain will be joining is dad and brothers on the ice soon enough. 

Two Strokes While Playing Hockey

Three days ago, Drew suffered two strokes while playing hockey with his brother and other teammates. He was fortunate enough to make it home safely before collapsing. His wife Melissa called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital and has spent several days in the ICU. 

Super Dad

Drew’s family calls him ‘Super Dad’ because he always demonstrates super human ability when it comes to athletics. He is always skiing, mountain biking, surfing, or playing hockey. Just a few years ago Drew completed an Ironman Triathlon in Boulder, Colorado. His family believes his super-human strength will shine through now and he will make a full recovery. 

Drew and His Family

Let’s meet this tragedy with generosity, love and community.

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24 thoughts on “Donate to Drew Myers”

  1. Drew, so here’s the deal, if you get better and back on the ice, I’ll let you score whenever you want. I’m on IR myself, so we can both heal up and hit the ice together. Deal?
    Get better buddy.

    • Jon not sure why you are saying let me score. I think that will be an excuses to tell people for when I do score on you. “Jon, How does this brain dead guy keep scoring on you”? Hahahahhaahahahahah
      Thanks for your help setting this up!!!!

    • Emily,
      I miss those kids too. I miss chatting to brody about all the music he likes. I think it was last practice he was telling me about one song that I never heard of. He kept telling me I have to know it then he pretty much sang me the hole song.

  2. Hang in there Drew and Family! Long road ahead but you got this! Like John G, free goals for you! Take it slow and We’ll see you out on the ice again soon!

    • Thanks Steve.
      Gagnon doesn’t have a chance when I get these new moves down. I will be crooked smiling all the way to the bench 😏 .

  3. Drew and family. We have been so fortunate to know you and your entire family. Always so supportive of the kids and people around you. Hockey is truly a family of special people. See you on the ice soon my friend.

    The Sisto’s.

    • Sisto.
      I feel the same right back at you. It was so much fun on Sunday to watch you and your boy play together. He has some work to do to catch up to Dad!!!!

  4. Myers Family,
    We are so sorry to hear this and will continue to pray for your family! Give Breckin a big hug from us!
    The Krikke Family

  5. We are happy to hear you’re doing better. You’re on top of my prayer list! Please let us know what you need or want to help out. Stay strong and keep fighting. God bless you and your family.

  6. Hello Drew,

    I don’t know you, but as a fellow LHA coach with two kids in hockey I would like to wish you a speedy and complete recovery. People like you make youth hockey happen. You may be back checking now, but I am sure you will be back in the offensive zone soon enough. (Pardon the terrible hockey poetry). Best wishes.

  7. Drew – We are praying for a speedy recovery. You are such a terrific person and a wonderful dad who has touched the lives of so many in the community.
    The Connolly Family

  8. Drew

    Speedy recovery my friend! You are such a committed Dad and great person! You have e a whole community here to support you and your great family!!

    – Murphy Family


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