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Giving Back to Dave Martinez

A friend in need…

Dave Martinez

Dave Martinez recently had a heart attack at home after a hockey game, with apparently genetics the reason behind the heart attack. He took an ambulance to the hospital and then a flight to another hospital that was a better fit for his high end medical need.

The Dawgs were at it again last night!! Dave Martinez is a gentleman is every sense of the word and is always thinking of others first. Yesterday it was time to put Dave first. A few months ago Dave suffered a heart attack after a hockey game that resulted in a hospital stay, missed work, lots of bills and some very scary moments.

On Saturday night Dawg Nation’s Greg Clinard along with a host of Dave’s friends awarded a very surprised Dave with a check for $14,585!! This will allow Dave to focus on his recovery and take a large weight off his mind. A very special thanks to Kate, Bob and Drew for helping organize this special night!!

1 thought on “Giving Back to Dave Martinez”

  1. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery, with Dave back on the ice soon.

    Donating NOT from the heart, but with the expectation both Dave and Robin will be more lax on me when I’m carrying the puck – at least let me get one good SOG, please. Then back to full out aggro mode.

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