Donate to Dave Martinez

Dave Martinez

A friend in need…

Dave Martinez recently had a heart attack at home after a hockey game, with apparently genetics the reason behind the heart attack. He took an ambulance to the hospital and then a flight to another hospital that was a better fit for his high end medical need.

Dawg Nation is once again stepping up and will contribute $3 for every $1 donated up to $2,500. In other words, a $100 donation will actually be $400 to the family.

Please help us help Dave in his time of need.

One Comment on “Donate to Dave Martinez

  1. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery, with Dave back on the ice soon.

    Donating NOT from the heart, but with the expectation both Dave and Robin will be more lax on me when I’m carrying the puck – at least let me get one good SOG, please. Then back to full out aggro mode.