Giving Back to Dave Carr

An Unexpected Drive Home from Work

Dave Carr and Barb

Dave Carr was involved in a head on auto accident on June 5th while driving home from work. The other driver perished in the accident.  Dave suffered fractures to his back, sternum, clavicle, leg and pelvis. He was belted in and by some miracle he did not sustain any head or neck injuries. The fire department cut him out of his car and he was taken to the hospital where he endured multiple successful surgeries to repair his broken body. What wasn’t damaged in this incident was Dave’s unwavering selfless attitude and continuing upbeat outlook for the people he cares about. Dave has a long road back but there is no doubt that he will overcome this with the help of everyone who loves and care about him.

Medical Bills Will Pile Up Quickly

Dave is working hard to recover from these injuries and with his fiancé Barb and his daughter Shelby by his side for support, nothing will stop him from getting back to his old self in no time. However there is a reality to what the costs are going to be after something like this halts your life. The medical bills that he and his family will be faced with will be daunting at the very least. To maintain a somewhat normal life while fighting his way back and be able to go back to work is something that we all can help with.

A Respected and Loved Member of the Hockey Family

Dave Carr

Dave Carr moved to Denver in 2007 and joined an old guy’s hockey team as a free agent. He instantly became a member of the Colorado hockey family with his humble attitude. He is described as a competitive but a very sportsman like player. He hardly ever yells or curses except when he is yelling at himself. “Team player” doesn’t begin to describe how all the other guys think of him both in the locker room and on the ice. He is a respected member of the local hockey community. Dave has played in the Dawg Bowl with Tribal Rites. He plays in the Promenade league for Tribal Rites, as well as the Colorado Mustangs. The Mustangs have called him teammate for 12 years. He is a friend to all who know him.

Time to Give Back to a Guy Who has Given so Much

Dave has always placed his needs aside to take care of anyone that is in need. He has always been a great father to Shelby and soon will be an amazing husband for Barb.  He always shows kindness, compassion while never expecting anything in return. He would not want us to be doing this for him and that is exactly why we must. Dave’s continued loyalty to his family, team mates and his community calls to us to help him and his family in this time of need. Please consider donating to help out this great man Dave Carr.

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