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A Proud Member of the Colorado Hockey Community

Dan Grady must have played too much hockey through the years because he basically tore up and wore out his left hip and had to get it replaced.  After 20 plus years playing hockey in the Denver area, Dan sits patiently on the bench waiting to get back into the action.  Dan has been a long-time supporter of Dawg Nation and is proud to be a part of the Colorado hockey family.

Hockey Creates Life Long Friends

Dan moved to Denver from Seattle in 2000 and has been part of the Denver hockey scene since.  He has played in many leagues at Family Sport Center, RMHL, and the SDOHL, most recently on the Bushwackers and Clockwork Orange.  Some seasons were championship seasons while many others not so much, but it has been a fantastic experience.  Dan has met many lifelong friends through hockey and that is truly the main reason he has enjoyed playing.  For many years he played on multiple teams, so he never got involved in tournaments until he participated in the Dawg Bowl.  “Wow, what an experience!” Dan said of the DAWG Bowl.  “The entire hockey community comes together to celebrate the sport and each other.  Nothing compares to the Dawg Bowl!”

Looking Forward to Returning to the Ice

Dan was laid off during Covid and lost his insurance while dealing with his hip diagnosis and doctor bills.  Dan found a new job with a high deductible insurance plan but had to wait a painful year to get the surgery.  He is thankful for employment, friends and family, and renewed health through his hip replacement.  He has been hobbling around for a couple of months but would like to get back on the ice as soon as possible to get reunited with his buddies.  We look forward to his return and our collective efforts can help ease the financial burden of his recovery. 

Your donation will help Dan Grady, who DAWG Nation has selected as a grant recipient from its charitable class. Your contribution is made with the understanding that DAWG Nation has complete control and administration over the use of all donated funds in pursuit of its charitable purposes and in support of its charitable class.

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