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A Fellow Goalie Displaced

Crissa Doeppke, nominated by fellow goalie Hilary McNeish, has become displaced from her house due an explosion next door causing damage to Chrissa’s house. Crissa stated, “Well, on top of all the devastation I’m already dealing with, on Thursday I found out that I’m out of pocket almost fifty thousand dollars, most of which is to remove the remains of my former neighbor’s house from my property. Then I discovered yesterday that my garage was robbed. They ransacked it and took some power tools and hockey gear. I just feel like I’m bleeding out, and there are vastly more people there to strip my bones than to try to stem the flow.” Well, hockey world, can WE stem the flow?

Neighbors Expressed Concern

The story was coverd by 9news and can be followed here:

Your donation will help Crissa Doeppke, who DAWG Nation has selected as a grant recipient from its charitable class. Your contribution is made with the understanding that DAWG Nation has complete control and administration over the use of all donated funds in pursuit of its charitable purposes and in support of its charitable class.

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  1. I’m so sorry this has all happened Crissa- sending love your way for you to get back home! You are family and we are ready to back you up as you have always been behind us on the ice🥅🏒❤️🙏🏽🌸


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