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A Friend of DAWG Nation

If you have been around Dawg Nation, you probably know Christina Montoya.  She is the heart and soul of the Landsharks hockey team and the Captain of Socially Awkward, both of whom have been hit hard  by tragedy and strife.  She has personally nominated and contributed to Dawg Nation in support of many, many families and friends, and now it is our turn to help this beautiful soul with her own battle.

A Long Battle Hits Home

Toya has experienced a long battle with her health and unfortunately, her recent struggles have not been resolved. The doctors can’t figure anything out so far, and she has constant pain/burning in her abdomen and dizziness. Both tax her mentally and physically. The burden of testing and various medical procedures has added more debt to her already seemingly insurmountable medical bills from a previous bout with cancer.Because of these battles, she has been unable to consistently play the sport she has loved since she was a teenager. 

Her Mother’s Caretaker

Beyond her own struggles, Toya’s mother was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and had surgery September 17th in hopes to prevent the spread. Her mother’s diagnosis was devastating.  Toya is her mother’s caretaker, and her mother is precious to her and a source of strength.  Due to her mother’s surgeries and her own battles, her newly formed massage business has taken a major hit due to her inability to consistently work, and she is about to lose her rented space.

Carrying a Heavy Load with Grace and Compassion

Life has been unequivocally hard for Toya of late, and there seems to be no end in sight with the recent deaths of friends and family. Toya is the source of strength for many people and has been a Dawg Bowl supporter, player, and advocate since the beginning. She carries a heavy load with grace and compassion. She is near and dear to the hearts of many survivors, Dawg devotees, and everyone’s path she crosses. Dawg Nation has previously made miracles happen for her, and I hope we can again, as she is in dire need of support.

Your donation will help Christina Montoya, who DAWG Nation has selected as a grant recipient from its charitable class. Your contribution is made with the understanding that DAWG Nation has complete control and administration over the use of all donated funds in pursuit of its charitable purposes and in support of its charitable class.

4 thoughts on “Donate to Christina Montoya”

  1. Our prayers are focused on you and your mother. All the positive and healing energy we can muster!!
    Nigel & Kelly

  2. Toya rhymes with warrior (if you say it right)! You are the sweetest and strongest person I know! Bless you as you fight this latest battle…. I’m here for you. With much love and admiration, “Carl”❤️

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