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A DAWG Through and Through

It’s hard to find someone who loves DAWG Nation as much as Nigel. He has an incredible heart. He is Marty’s biggest cheerleader and protector of his younger brother. He is a constant ambassador of DAWG Nation. He supports DAWG Nation with with his time, his money and his many talents. Nigel and the Kukrals are always looking to support the DAWGS through guided fishing and hunting trips. Nigel is always the first one to sign up for events and bring a crowd of supporters. Of course, Nigel has been wearing the DAWG sweater from the beginning and is currently a vauled teammate of the Old DAWGS.

A Man Beloved by Many with Many Talents

Nigel is an incredible husband, brother, son, uncle, teammate, and ambassador of Dawg Nation.  He is beloved by so many for his big heart, his generosity, his witty sense of humor, and of course his cooking!

He is a hockey player, a skiier, a hiker, a hunter and a world class fisherman and guide. If you’ve ever done any of these things with Nigel, you know he excels at them all and helps you become better through his coaching and mentoring.

Tough Sledding Ahead

Unfortunately Nigel suffered several heart attacks before a long ambulance ride from Fraser got him safely to Saint Anthony’s. Nigel’s heart experienced a pretty high degree trauma and he has a battle in front of him. The good news is that St. Anthony’s is a great heart facility. Right now the doctors aren’t taking any chances on his heart operating on its own until he gets stronger. Doctors are focused on forcing rest on him through meds and hoping that his body responds. He is going to be in the hospital for a while, but he is fighting the good fight.

A Time for Love, Thoughts and Prayers

His big and generous heart is struggling to recover and heal.  He and his wife Kelly and the whole Richardson family need our thoughts, our prayers and our love. 

You can also help DAWG Nation help Nigel and Kelly with what will certainly be a mountain of medical bills. As we know well, your donation of any amount speaks loudly of your love and support.

Or mail check to:

Dawg Nation Hockey Foundation
PO Box 182
Indian Hills, CO 80454

Dawg Nation will collect all funds donated and determine the final amount provided to the recipient. Dawg Nation cannot guarantee that the full amount of your donation will reach the recipient. That said, Dawg Nation has historically provided final amounts to recipients in excess of the total amount of funds collected.

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