Giving Back

Giving Back to Torin Perret

Help with treatment expenses. Torin is a 21 year old CSU student playing hockey in the Fort Collins adult league. In early 2016, Torin was diagnosed with a grade three inoperable cancerous brain tumor. Torin is currently undergoing… Read More

Giving Back to Sean Gagnon

An emotional presentation. Sean Gagnon was a very gifted hockey player that participated in the sport from the age of five. He excelled at the collegiate level (Wagner College) and continued to play into his adult years. In… Read More

Giving Back to Carrie Jay

Help with unexpected medical expenses. Carrie is the wife of long time Dawg Jonathan Jay. The Jay family have been extremely generous with their time, money and hearts since the inception of Dawg Nation. Carrie recently spent almost… Read More

Giving Back to Brian “Opie” Wassberg

Help with uncovered medical expenses. Brian Wassberg, affectionately known as “Opie” in the hockey community, has been playing goalie for over 40 years in numerous hockey leagues including the Edge Old Time Hockey League (EOHL) at The Edge… Read More

Giving Back to Kevin Lehman

Help with unexpected medical expenses. Savannah Lehman is the daughter of Kevin Lehman, a member of the Army of Darkness hockey team who are longtime friends and supporters of Dawg Nation. In September of 2015 Savannah had a… Read More

Giving Back to Dave Repsher – a Hero

Help with expenses from a tragic event. Dave was a hero long before the events of July 2015, when the Flight For Life Helicopter on which he worked as a nurse went down and crashed in Summit County…. Read More

Giving Back to Renee Sherman

Help with expenses after a tragic event. Lincoln Sherman was all about hockey… he not only played the sport with the Ft Collins Adult Hockey Assoc, and was always up for a last minute sub position should a… Read More

Giving Back to David Wood

Help with medical expenses. Despite being only 26 years old David knows a thing or two about illness, as he’s lived with a chronic disease since he was 12. After a long search and many doctors and tests… Read More

Giving Back to Jeff “Jammer” Jiampetti

Help with medical expenses. Jeff is a single dad with two young girls. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Jeff’s world was turned upside down. Jeff was treated at John’s Hopkins in Maryland and after a couple of… Read More

Giving Back to Jeff & Linda McMenamin

Help with challenging medical bills. Jeff McMenamin was one of the founders of the Monkees hockey team that has played throughout the Denver area since the mid ‘90s. A core group of players from the original Monkees is now… Read More