Giving Back

Giving Back to Kim McLeod

Support with medical expenses. Kim McLeod was a long time coach in the Arvada Hockey Association, and had been waging the good fight against cancer for the past several years. Kim became part of the Dawg Nation family… Read More

Giving Back to Ken Rose

Help after a disaster. Ken Rose is 63, and a long time adult league player in Colorado Springs. In the summer of 2012, Ken lost his home and most of his belongings in the Waldo Canyon Fire, including… Read More

Giving Back to Christopher Grass

Assistance with medical expenses. Christopher has been suffering from epilepsy since 2000. Due, to his illness, Christopher routinely suffers injuries from his falls. Unfortunately, drug therapy helps, but does not render him seizure free, making it difficult for… Read More

Giving Back to Jenya Bukrinsky

Help with an immediate surgery. Jenya is an avid hockey player in the YMCA Boulder Valley adult league. He injured his knee playing in the Dawg Bowl II tourney in the summer of 2012. It was determined that… Read More

Giving Back to Scott Staude

Help after an injury. Scott is an on-ice official in the WCHA. He is long time board member and hockey instructor at his local club. He is very involved in the development of young hockey officials, and the… Read More

Giving Back to Gabriel Acuna

Help with astronomical medical bills. Gabriel is the son of Chris and Debbie Acuna- Chris plays on one of our many teams in Dawg Nation. Gabriel was born in 2011, and has required several surgeries to help correct problems… Read More

Giving Back to Steve Boex

Help after a serious injury. Steve is a family man, and is married with several children. He plays in the RMHL league alongside several Dawg Nation players. In a regular adult league game in December of 2011, Steve… Read More

Giving Back to Ken Flowers

Help with expenses following an injury. Ken plays in an over 40 league – the SDOHL in Lakewood, Colorado. In an unfortunate on-ice accident, in November of 2011 Ken lost an edge while skating towards the boards. He… Read More

Giving Back to Tim Kmetz

Help with hospital bills. Timmy Kmetz is one of the goaltending anchors of Dawg Nation, and a survivor of cancer that nearly cost him a leg when he was a teenager in Minnesota. Last year, Timmy received a… Read More

Giving Back to Danny Packard

Help for an inspiration. Danny joined our original Junkyard Dawgs team as a teenager, and is still going strong now at the age of 26. We’ve watched him become a man, get married, and just recently, welcome his… Read More