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A Hockey Player His Whole Life Jon has played hockey all of his life up through the competitive high school level. Since graduating, he has stayed a member of the hockey community in various recreation …

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Dave Tscherpel Family

A Simple Trip to the Doctor What began with a simple trip to the doctor to investigate “shortness of breath”, turned into “we found a mass.” T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. An aggressively growing cancer that usually …

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Kim Hermberg lets do more

A brave decision… Our dear friend Kim recently made an incredibly brave decision to enter an inpatient treatment center in Arizona, in pursuit of finding relief from the depression and suicidal ideations she’s struggled with …

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Brian Ross and family

Rigorous cancer treatment… Brian is a long time member of the law enforcement community. He served in the Englewood police department and then would move over to the Aurora police department for a number of …

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