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The Albert family needs some help!

Tom and Michelle Albert

Tom “Zamboni” Albert is a Boulder firefighter and used to play with the Boulder FF in numerous FD/PD tourneys and out of Foothills with several FD and PD players. In 2016 he suffered a work-related accident which requires surgery. In December 2018, his wife Michelle suffered an asthma-induced heart attack during which her brain was deprived of oxygen. As a result, Michelle has had significant motor skills impairment although her mind is intact.

Tom and Michelle have two sons, one is attending the University of Colorado and the other is a sophomore at Green Mountain High School (where Michelle graduated).

Due to these two events, the Albert family needs help with home health care and supplies and general support. The Alberts are a great, loving family.

Donate to Nick Oprish

Dawgs Outside Colorado – Nick Oprish

We are providing a tax deductible substitute for Nick’s Go Fund Me — we do not take a cut of the funds donated.

Donate to Chris Stockert

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A lifetime hockey player…

Chris was a lifetime hockey player, went to University of North Dakota, and coached youth hockey for many organizations in Colorado, and played adult hockey with the Vipers. All this ended with his sudden passing on April 5th. He is well respected in the hockey community and truly loved by his players, parents, and teammates. He has been described by his parents as, “one of the most caring people to walk on this earth.” Chris is survived by his wife Annette and sons, Tillman (14) and Easton (11).

A memorial skate for Chris has been established at the Av’s rink at Family Sports on April 27th.

Donate to Lucas O’Connor

Giving Back to Lucas O'Connor

A collision on the ice…

Lucas was working a high school game (which has no insurance coverage for refs) when a player rolled up on his ankle/leg. I (Craig Stinehour) happen to be on the game with him. He refused an ambulance ride due to the cost. While on the ice in incredible pain he looked at me and said “What am I going to do for my bills?”, “I guess I am going to have to find a sit down job to pay for this”.

Lucas’ father, Michael O’Connor (whom we all know) has also given so much to our hockey community. If anyone deserves assistance from a great organization like Dawg Nation, this is a young man who is a strong candidate.

Please help us help the Lucas in his time of need.
Dawg Nation will match donations 3 to 1 up to a total of $10,000.

Donate to Justin Kresh

Giving Back to Justin Kresh

A new baby’s health problems…

As a member of the 82nd Airborne, Justin Kresh gave five years of his life and much more to his beloved country. After the completion of Justin’s service, this young family welcomed a second son named Talon. Talon entered the world with some serious health complications that nearly ended his life. Thanks to some amazing doctors and a loving family, Talon is thriving and happy!

Although Talon is doing very well, medical bills and expenses have put quite a bit of stress on this young family’s finances.

Please help us help the Kresh family in their time of need. 

Dawg Nation will be matching $2 for every $1 on the first $2,500 donated via this link.

Donate to Tanner Doty

Giving Back to Tanner Doty

An incident on the ice…

Tanner is life long Colorado hockey player that is always quick to lend a helping hand. He recently had a scary incident during a recreational game where he was unable catch his breath. There were some real concerns that Tanner was suffering a heart attack and he was rushed to the emergency room. Several tests later it was determined that Tanner is suffering from Pericarditis, a infection around the heart.

It’s already been a difficult journey and the time of work and medical bills are taking their toll.

Please consider helping Tanner out in his time of need.

Dawg Nation will be matching $3 for every $1 on the first $2,500 donated via this site.