Ellen McGrath Women’s Division

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Ellen McGrath Women’s Division

The women’s division of the 2018 Dawg Bowl is named the “Ellen McGrath Women’s Division” in memory of Ellen. Ellen was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in 2016 and battled hard, with her passionate love for her family… Read More

To Ryan Straschnitzki

A note to Ryan Straschnitzki, Humboldt survivor, from Josh Hargis, Afghanistan combat veteran and Team USA sled hockey player: Hey Ryan. Josh Hargis. I play for the Colorado Avalanche sled teams and I’m a forward on the US… Read More

Giving Back to Bryan Brock

A collision on the ice… On the night of April 2nd, 2018 Bryan Brock, an amazing father, husband, and friend, was involved in an accidental collision on the ice during an adult hockey game where he suffered a… Read More

ALS: Awesome Like Sean!

Have You Ever Thought About the Muscles that Control Your Eye Blinking? I have. It’s one of the minor things that those with ALS consider. I ponder this muscle because I feel it getting more difficult to keep… Read More

Fear is Stress Wrapped in Ugly

The Importance of Mentality There are a few specific questions I get when someone seeks my opinion on health. Of these, there is one matter I hold sacred above all else. For that reason, my first blog (that… Read More

The Goal With Gags

There are no rinks in the country that are set up to accommodate to the needs of the disabled. In this day and age, how ridiculous does that sound? This project will be a beacon showing the way… Read More

Josh Blue Stands Up for the Dawgs

Passionate Video – Amazing Hero’s – Heartbreaking Recipient – And a Generous Ask It was a standing room only crowd at Comedy Works on 3/21/18 as they once again hosted us for a night of laughs, tears, cheers…… Read More

Giving Back to the Baker Family

An unexpected emergency created unexpected expenses. Dennis and Shannon Baker both work as medical professionals (he’s an EMT and she’s a travel nurse) and they thought their son, Brady, had the stomach flu one weekend this summer. But… Read More

Giving Back to Andrew Pfankuch

The Pfankuch Family Andrew is a long time hockey player, avid Dawg Nation supporter, past recipient for his own battle with cancer, and active participant in the Dawg Bowl Survivor game. He and Talia were married in June… Read More

Giving Back to Robert Meguid

While vacationing in Australia with his family for a holiday, Rob experienced a medical emergency where he was hospitalized and on a ventilator. Roberts emergency was not covered by insurance because he was out of the country. There… Read More