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Dave Chamberlin

Dave Chamberlin


Dave has skated with the Dawgs since their inception in 2002. In 2010, his son Matt joined The Nation as well. Now each week Dave gets to live every dad’s dream- skating on the same line with his kid. A hockey coach for many seasons, Dave may know the game better than anyone in the organization. He always seems to be in the right spot during play, and is quick to cover for a teammate who may have gotten out of position, which is pretty much everyone else on the team.

In December of 2007, during a routine checkup, Dave was discovered with prostate cancer. He underwent surgery, and immediately got to work to ensure a full and complete recovery. It must have worked- Dave was back climbing mountains and playing hockey by the summer of 2008.

During his recovery period, he could always count on the strength of his second family, the members of Dawg Nation. He said in a recent article, “We are absolutely a family. They supported me the way a family member, a band of brothers would”. It’s been several years, and Dave is still cancer free. He now patrols the ice every Monday and Thursday night as a part of Dawgs II and the Old Dawgs.