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Danny Packard

Danny Packard


Danny has been a Dawg his entire adult life and has been lacin’ em up for the black, red and white since age 17. He’s played several Dawgs teams and may be the most enthusiastic player in Dawgs history. No matter what team he plays on, Danny shows up every night ready to play like his hair is on fire. He skates every shift as if it was his last, and you would have to look hard to find a better teammate.

He also is one of the few players that brings fans along to the games. His wife, Amber, can easily be heard in the stands (very, very easily), and his dad Rob, who is a Dawg Nation board member and nicknamed “Superfan”, rarely misses a game.

In 2009, Danny found a cyst under his chin, and when it was removed, doctors discovered that he had thyroid cancer. Though highly treatable, he has had to undergo four procedures, including removing the thyroid and many of his lymph nodes. In 2010, he was even injected with radioactive material, a unique thyroid treatment which kills the tumor without poisoning the rest of his body. He had to be quarantined for a lengthy period, but never gave up hope that the radioactivity might turn him into some kind of superhero.

You would think that having a potentially deadly disease would take away a guy’s sense of humor. Well, in this case, you would be wrong. Danny was been incredibly upbeat during the entire ordeal; even making jokes in the locker room about getting extra romantic “favors” from Amber, because, you know, it could be their “last time”. Only a hockey player could be morbid enough to make light of such a serious situation.

Danny is now back on the ice, going at warp speed every shift. Through his entire ordeal, he knew that he could always count on the members of Dawg Nation to help him through the tough times.