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Andy Gerrie

Andy Gerrie


Andy has one of the longest tenures of any Dawg player – he has been with the organization since 2003. He skates at forward on Dawgs II, and has played a key role on several championship squads. In fact, he is the Dawgs’ all time leading playoff scorer, and has come through in the clutch in many postseason games. Andy is from Boston, and a huge fan of the sports teams from that area. When the Boston Red Sox played the Colorado Rockies in the World Series in 2007, he wore his Sox gear into the Dawgs locker room, and rubbed it in mightily as his team won in a four game sweep.

When Andy first joined the team, he was assigned the task of bringing beer for the postgame get-together in the parking lot. When they all met at his vehicle, the Dawgs discovered that this big, tough hockey player drove a minivan, and he caught no end of grief from the entire crew. Since then, he has been known as Andy “Minivan” Gerrie. These days, he only brings the “mom-mobile” to the games as a last resort.

Andy works in the aerospace industry, where he is involved in designing navigational software for satellites. One could say that he is as close to a “rocket scientist” as there is in Dawg Nation. However, the combined IQ for the rest of the teams in The Nation is approximately 114, so being a smart guy in this group is a lot like being a pretty girl in Wyoming. It doesn’t take much to stand out.

In 2008, Andy was diagnosed with colon cancer. After surgery, and six grueling months of chemotherapy, he was back playing at full strength, and hoped that all of the illness was behind him.

However in late 2009, there were signs that the cancer reappeared, but Andy fought it off once again! As always, he knows no matter how many times he has to battle, every member of Dawg Nation will be right there with him, helping him beat the damn thing one more time.