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A unique foundation with great success.

In January of 2011, a small group of adult recreation league hockey players made a pledge to honor a fallen teammate by creating a very unique foundation focused on helping families in their time of need. Utilizing a very successful strategy consisting of several annual fundraisers, we have provided financial support totaling nearly $2.0 million in direct aid to families!

Always there to help with amazing acts of human kindness
From the weekend warrior recovering from a nasty injury or serious illness, to the grieving family that has lost a loved one, DAWG Nation is always there to help. Providing resources and countless amazing acts of human kindness, we have not only changed the lives of our recipients, but also the lives of our members as well. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please take a few minutes to check out our “Giving Back” page. Our recipients are a very diverse group that are all members of the tight knit part of our hockey community.

Magic moments are the cornerstone of Dawg Nation!

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Dawg Nation Hockey Foundation utilizes a 360° Support Model. This model looks at the needs families and individuals have beyond giving them a onetime check. This could include financial counseling, legal support, home repairs or modifications, mental health support, housing, transportation, adaptability and accessibility, mentoring, scholarships, support networks for veterans, and creating intentional emotional and community support.

But it’s our ability to provide some truly memorable experiences, as well as “magic moments”, that are the cornerstone of Dawg Nation, and create real hope and joy in a recipient’s life.

Volunteers make it happen.

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Haley and Tatiana Smith

None of this is possible without our incredible army of volunteers and selfless individuals who have embraced our cause to make the world a better place.

This tireless group has proven that ordinary people can truly do extraordinary things.

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Our future is bright but we need your help.

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As DAWG Nation has grown, so have our aspirations. Our future has never looked brighter as we now take on the challenge to design and build the world’s first multi-sheet hockey facility for the disabled and able-bodied athlete alike. We firmly believe that EVERYONE should be afforded the same opportunities. With the help of big hearted companies, like minded individuals, forward thinking organizations and generous souls we can make dreams come true.

Hockey’s Heart

Please join us as we do our part to change the world!!

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