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Taylor Erickson

Taylor Erickson

On Thursday, December 14th, Taylor Erickson was enjoying a nice evening out with his friends. As the evening wound down, Taylor fainted due to low blood sugar, unfortunately hitting his head and fracturing his skull in the process. The injury resulted in a concussion, bleeding from his frontal lobe and has caused Taylor to struggle with his speech and motor skills in the days following the accident. He’s been admitted to Craig Hospital and will likely spend the next three months there on his long road to recovery.

Taylor is the father of twins and also a member of the Osh Kosh in the SDOHL Over 40 league. Always with a smile on his face, Taylor is truly one of the “good guys”.

The family will be celebrating Christmas in the hospital this year, so please consider helping us help this wonderful family through this difficult time.

Dawg Nation will quadruple the first $2,500 donated through this site. In other words, every $1 donated will turn into $4 for the family!!

Let’s help this special family!

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Dave Repsher


“We just want him back in the community. We need him as much as he needs us right now.”
Neal Bocksch

Dave Repsher Video 2017 from Brad Stabio

Dawg Nation is asking you to help Dave Repsher and his Family.

On July 3rd, 2015, Dave Repsher was working as a flight nurse for Flight for Life based in Frisco, Colorado. The helicopter crashed and burst into flames immediately after takeoff and Dave suffered burns over 90% of his body. He is fighting for his life in the burn intensive care unit at University Hospital. Dave has dedicated his life to helping others as a nurse, paramedic and ski patroller. Dave loves hockey. From his league games, to drop in sessions, to pond hockey time, Dave never misses the chance to skate. His hockey family has been so incredible during this time of crisis and the family is so grateful to have this wonderful community rallying behind him.

Thank you to everyone supporting him during his time of need.

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